Grid LED Solar Street Light


Grid LED Solar Street Light

Power: 60W/120W

Light source: LED chip

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Photovoltaic panel: A-grade polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panel

Battery: lithium iron phosphate battery

Lighting time: 8-12 hours

Control method: remote control/light control

Sensing distance: 10 meters sensing range

Remote control function: timing brightness / timing lighting duration

Light Efficiency: 80-100 LM/W

CRI: 80

Protection class: IP65

Color temperature: 2700-6500K


1. Lightweight one-piece die-casting aluminum shell, surface paint, thick heat sink, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, long service life, fast heat dissipation. The heat and gas shunt design enables the product to achieve better heat dissipation and ensure the safety of the LED chip;

2. Vitex radiator on the back: die-casting aluminum radiator, vitex-style design structure, effective heat

dissipation, reduce lamp damage;

3. Brand high-brightness LED lamp beads: using high-brightness lens LED light source, double-core double-gold-wire brand LED, high brightness, wider lighting range, uniform lighting, long life, bright and stable light source and easy to install;

4. Using high-quality A-level polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency photoelectric

conversion and fast charging speed, more light absorption, fast charging, and charging in cloudy and rainy days,   it only takes 4 hours to fully charge;

5. High-capacity iron phosphate battery, after strict life test, the product has charging and over-discharging

protection, the same type of power battery for new energy vehicles, high charging and discharging efficiency, high/low temperature resistance, all-weather all-night lighting, large capacity upgrade and powerful

Cold and temperature resistance, good stability, flameproof and explosion-proof;

6. The engineering PC module lens mask has high light transmittance and half-cut light distribution;

7. Solar power generation, 365 days of lighting, one kilowatt-hour of electricity does not need to be used;

8. IP65 protection grade, waterproof coefficient professional outdoor waterproof, waterproof and durable, you

deserve it;

9. Precision waterproof wire: prevent leakage, prevent rainwater from entering the wire and cause short circuit;

10. Standard installation hole distance: standard 60mm hole distance, it is more convenient and quick to install a

variety of light poles;

11. Wireless remote control for remote adjustment, light sensor control;

12. From the equator to the north and south poles, -47°C- 70°C can be used;

13. Hot-dip galvanized light poles will not rust for 15 years;