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Adjustable angle module LED street light head


Adjustable angle module LED street light head


Light source: SMD

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Voltage: AC85-265V

Frequency: 50Hz

Efficacy: ≥90%

Light Efficiency: 80-100 LM/W

CRI: 80

Protection class: IP65

Color temperature: 2700-6500K


1. 180° adjustable angle lamp head, various illumination angles, solve the problem that the road is too wide to be illuminated;

2. The sub-module design keeps the light on all the time. If there is a problem with one of the light sources, it will not affect

the whole light, and the other groups will still be illuminated normally.

3. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion design: Anti-rust is a necessary condition for lamps and lanterns.

The use of integrated precision die-casting is the best processing technology to ensure no rust and long product life;

4. Imported light source adopts Purui 3030 high lumen chip, which has good color rendering, low light decay, stable performance, low heat, high temperature resistance, stable light emission, anti-glare highlight, and soft light;

5. Thickened aluminum lamp body Flat and widened lamp body design, dust-proof, waterproof, lightning-proof, using high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, strong shock resistance and corrosion resistance, surface anti-oxidation treatment, never fade, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, beautiful , fashion, high-end atmosphere.

6. Lightning protection and waterproof, high PF drive, good heat dissipation performance, stable and durable, lightning protection, waterproof and energy saving;

7. PC lens mask: Engineering grade PC lens mask, uniform light effect, strong refraction, wider emission angle, up to 98% light

transmittance, good light transmittance, not easy to change color,

Meet the needs of all-round lighting, thickening, high compressive strength, not easy to break, safer at high altitude, anti-riot and high temperature resistance;

8. Thickened convection radiator Adopt high-efficiency convection heat dissipation design, better heat dissipation

performance, higher efficiency, protect the light source and prolong the service life.

9. Stainless steel nut: use stainless steel inner hexagon nut, which has strong fixation and anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, which is durable and not easy to rust.

10. IP65 protection level, multiple protection, waterproof rubber pad, waterproof glue, metal shell, outdoor use is not afraid of wind and rain, rain and dust proof, and can deal with all kinds of bad weather;

11. The diameter of the lamp head is thickened with 60MM standard aluminum diameter, and the standard diameter makes it easier to match the rod;

12. Super heat dissipation Using high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, the back fins are designed to quickly

dissipate heat, and the waterproof level of the whole lamp reaches IP65, which effectively guarantees the service life of the


13. Optional upgrade light sensor control device, factory installed, with one lamp;

14. Thickened and reinforced plug

15. Applicable places: highways, country roads, factories, communities, parks, squares, etc.