Moisture proof light with E27 LAMP HOLDER


Moisture proof light

Moisture-proof, explosion-proof, dust-proof, anti-mosquito, safe and stable,

Two specifications, three sizes for each specification, a wide range of applications, suitable for use in a variety of places

Shape: round: big circle/medium circle/small circle

           Oval: Large Oval/Medium Oval/Small Oval

1. The whole lamp has three-proof design, with a waterproof sealing ring inside to avoid waterproof,

water leakage, and strong sealing.

2. E27 high temperature ceramic lamp holder, advanced electroplating hollow core

3. Milky white mode glass lampshade, strong light transmission, uniform light transmission, no dark

area, anti-glare, waterproof and moisture-proof, effectively resisting sharp objects

4. Protect the electricity through the hole, protect the line, and eliminate potential safety hazards

5. Aluminum chassis, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to yellow

6. Die-cast aluminum paint lamp holder, durable and not easy to deform

7. Moisture-proof lights are widely used in balcony/cold storage/construction site/factory/yard/

bathroom/restaurant/kitchen/car wash/construction site, etc.

Oval Moisture Proof Light



Round moisture proof light