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Fin heat dissipation LED flood light


Fin heat dissipation LED flood light

Power: 300W/400W/500W/600W/800W/1000W

Light source: SMD

Material: Aluminum die casting

Voltage: AC85-265V

Frequency: 50Hz

Efficacy: ≥90%

Light Efficiency: 80-100 LM/W

CRI: 80

Protection class: IP65

Color temperature: 2700-6500K

1. High-quality aluminum material has super heat dissipation, strong and durable, high temperature baking paint to prevent

rust, strong air convection, strong heat dissipation, and prolong the service life of lamps;

2. Imported LED chips, using high-quality LED light source chips, higher brightness, low light decay and high brightness, the

same wattage is 20% higher than the brightness of conventional lamp beads, more energy saving, longer life, stable and reliable;

3. Aviation aluminum fins for heat dissipation, surface surge treatment, anti-rust, durable and more heat dissipation, air

convection design, multi-chip heat dissipation;Polymerized heat dissipation box, polymerization and multiple heat dissipation

fins, increase the contact area between the lamp and the air, and achieve the effect of rapid cooling.

4. Imported quality tempered glass, good light transmittance, high hardness, compression and explosion-proof, high safety, super hardness, high temperature resistance,waterproof, explosion-proof and compression;

5. The diamond-shaped reflector cup, the diamond shaped reflector cup, has very good reflection efficiency,

which can efficiently aggregate and reflect light;

6. Sealed waterproof and lightning-proof, lightning-proof 4000V with short circuit/overload/over-temperature protection,

IP66 grade outdoor rainproof and waterproof to make the lamp life longer

1st waterproof: waterproof sealing ring, 2nd waterproof: waterproof plug, 3rd waterproof: silicone seal, 4th waterproof: waterproof drive

7. The adjustable lamp stand can adjust the angle of the lamp by 180 degrees, which is suitable for the adjustment of various installation methods, so that the lamp is in a better illumination angle!