LED Solar LED Flood Light


LED Solar LED Flood Light

Power: 40W 60W 100W

Light source: SMD

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Photovoltaic panel: A-grade polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panel

Battery: lithium iron phosphate battery

Lighting time: 8-12 hours

Control method: remote control/light control

Sensing distance: 10 meters sensing range

Remote control function: timing brightness / timing lighting duration

Light Efficiency: 80-100 LM/W

CRI: 80

Protection class: IP65

Color temperature: 2700-6500K

1. Integrated shell heat dissipation, integrated lamp body, symmetrical stripe heat dissipation design on the back, fast heat dissipation, vitex design for efficient

heat dissipation, vitex air strong convection principle design;

2. Large-capacity lithium battery has long battery life, more stable battery life, and longer battery life;

3. LED high-bright wick, durable and good color rendering, strong light source, enhanced illumination range, brand high-bright wick, moisture-proof and waterproof, light-fading resistance, low heat generation, more stable, and longer life;

4. Using polycrystalline silicon solar panels, the high-efficiency conversion current loss is small, and it can be fully charged in only about 4-6 hours under the sun;

5. Thickened tempered glass, explosion-proof, pressure-resistant and high-temperature resistant;

6. Multi-directional angle illumination, 180° free rotation, adjustable illumination direction angle;

7. The core advantage of PMMA weak current micro-charge, automatic adjustment of power consumption in cloudy and rainy days;

8. Intelligent light control system, automatically turn on the light when it is dark, turn off the light automatically when it is bright, can turn off the induction mode, automatically turn on the light control mode, automatically charge during the day, and automatically turn on the light at night;

9. Solar power generation technology, using high-quality polycrystalline silicon solar panels, it can be charged when there is light, and it can also be charged on

cloudy days.It has high photoelectric conversion rate, anti-corrosion and anti-aging. Can also be charged, intelligent light control induction;

10. IP67 high-strength waterproof, environmentally friendly thickened aluminum, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, prevent dust from entering, can withstand all kinds of rain, snow, humidity and other bad weather;

11. Precision waterproof wire, national standard wire, high temperature resistance, high hardness, not easy to pull, good waterproof, strong pressure resistance, prevent leakage, prevent rainwater from immersing in the wire and cause short circuit;

12. Multifunctional intelligent remote control, 8-12 meters long-distance remote control, various functions can be adjusted at will;

13. Mounting bracket, adjustable mounting bracket, allowing you to do whatever you want, any installation angle;

14. Applicable to various outdoor scenes, outdoor courtyards, promenades, activity squares, community roads, etc.;